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Traditional, Virtual and Hybrid Learning Opportunities

Traditional, Virtual and Hybrid Learning Options

Traditional, Virtual and Hybrid Learning Options

In GYPSD, student learning is the number one priority. As an innovative school division, GYPSD acknowledges some students cannot function in the traditional school environment, requiring alternate options for completing their education. As such, GYPSD is excited to provide outstanding, flexible approaches for student learning.

*Traditional school experience (on-site). 

*Virtual Education – The Learning Connection programming supported virtually by GYPSD teachers and local Learning Connection (option for in-person support by Learning Connection teachers by appointment). 

* Hybrid Learning - Provides the opportunity for students to work partially online and still be in person and on-site for others classes. This can be set up by contacting the learning support teacher or school principal to decide which schedule would work best for your child.

* GYPSD is now an official Home Education provider. Home Education is a Grade 1-12 program supervised and facilitated by GYPSD, and provides parents freedom and flexibility to design and implement their child’s learning program.

  • Parent led curriculum, activities, resources, and assessment methods with access to specialized programs or option courses at local GYPSD schools as enrichment to their Home Education plan.
  • Up to $850 in resources and materials may be available to support each annual Home Education program.
  • GYPSD employs a certificated teacher who can help parents with the planning and offer educational support all year.

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If you have any questions about which option would work best for your child, please contact the school as we would be happy to help.