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Family School Liaison Resources

What is an FSLC?

The Family School Liaison Counselling program is a referral school-based program.  Since this is a supportive role, there may be times when a student may need support beyond what the Family School Liaison Counsellor can provide. In such cases the Family School Liaison Counsellor will refer the student to the appropriate agencies.

Support for and the involvement of parents is an integral part of the Family School Liaison Counselling Program. The depth of work with a family may depend on a liaison’s caseload and time available. Referrals to outside agencies may have to be considered to assist families in meeting their needs.  We are there to also share knowledge skills and competence related to mental health and illness. 

Advocacy is the most important role for the MHCB/ Family School Liaison Counsellor. Advocating for students may need to occur within the school environment, community or family; or with agencies that the student or family is involved with.

 Referrals may come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Parent/guardians
  • Teachers, administrators and other school personnel
  • Community agencies
  • Community members
  • Self-referral
  • Peers