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The Grove

The Grove and Grove Support Rooms

At École Pine Grove Middle School, we strive to create the best learning opportunities for all of our students.

The Grove and Grove Support Room offer a learning space for students who could benefit from a modified learning environment. Depending on what works best for your child, they could benefit from occasional scheduled pull out time to further work on their literacy or numeracy skills, having a quiet and distraction free place to write their test, a place to go when they are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, or regular assistance with academic and behaviour supports. The Grove is set up to offer a wide range of supports depending on what best suits the needs of the learner. Our wonderful Learning Support Teacher works closely with your child's classroom teacher to ensure the best supports are put into place for your child to succeed. 

If you have any questions about The Grove, please feel free to contact our school. 

The Grove Supports

  • Regulation Breaks
  • Readers or scribes for tests
  • Quiet place to work outside of the classroom
  • Small group or one on one support
  • Assisted pull out time to work on literacy or numeracy skills
  • Behavioural supports and strategies
  • Instructional Support Plans and Student Check Lists 
  • Assistance with online or modified scheduling
  • Specialized programming