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Exploratory Programming

Exploratory Options

At PGMS we have implemented exploratory options. Middle school exploratory options provide an opportunity for students to explore electives within the Career and Technology Foundation curriculum. Through these options, students may discover an interest or talent, which they may pursue in high school or as a future career. Students will be enrolled in four different exploratory options. These options will run quarterly, for ten weeks. 

The options, Food Studies and Construction, are both run out of Parkland Composite High School and have a $20.00 charge associated with them due to the rising cost of materials. In addition, all students taking Construction must have and wear safety glasses while in the construction lab. These joint options between PGMS at Parkland Composite High School allow us to bridge our programs together. 

Below are some of the options classes that our students are able to take this year. 

  • Food Studies 
  • Construction 
  • Musicianship 
  • Drama
  • Ribbon Skirt 
  • Book Club 
  • Stop Motion Animation 
  • Computers for Careers
  • Coding 
  • Opportunities in the Oilfield 
  • Travel and Tourism 
  • Art 
  • Fit for Life
  • Environmental Stewardship 
  • Agriculture 
  • Cosmetology